After the death of Serfoji II, his son Maharajah Shivaji II came to the throne. His coronation ceremony was held on April 18th 1832. Sivaji II was a scholar and a linguist. He knows Marathi, Sanskrit and Tamil etc. Shivaji authored a Marathi drama “NatesaVilasa” the drama is hailed as an excellent piece of Marathi literature based on ancient Sanskrit type of dramas or natakas. His court was also adorned with notable scholars and Pandits. Music and BharathaNatya gained further popularity. To mention a few poets and scholars will be much sufficient to show the patronage to fine arts and literature, he wrote several Padas (devotional songs) in Marathi under the pen name “Dhakte Diwan” or younger Diwan. It was in his time Tamil was greatly encouraged and several dramas and kavyas were produced by eminent Tamil scholars. We can safely assure it was also in his period, the integrations of the Marathi culture and literature, with that of Tamil and to a certain extent Telugu took place. The seed for the synthesis and a new product was thus with the active royal patronage.Like his father, he too collected a large number of manuscripts on several Sastras in several languages. He also collected a number of English books, and purchased many books from England through his European friends. A good number of steel engraving pictures and illustrated books on English were got from England, and expenses incurred in connection with its purchase can still be seen in modi records. He contributed to several foreign journals and native periodicals like Deshabimani in Tamil.He is said to have acquired the habit of reading science and history books in English.Like his father he endowed several Charitable institutions and built huge Chatram known as ‘Shriyas Chatram’ in the city of Thanjavur. He built a Temple at Bondripalayam and installed the idol of goddess Durga.

Like his father he performed a Kumbabisekam to Brahadeshwara Temple in the year 1842 (vide inscription on the pinnacle of the Temple tower and modi records) . Rajah Shivaji finding himself without a heir in spite of multiple marriages, decided to adopt one of his nephews (his sister’s son).He choose Rajaram Ingle the son of Serfoji II’s daughter Sakwar baisaheb married to Pratap Rudra Mane Ingle. Rajaram Ingle was named as Rajah Serfoji III.